Lashed By Belle

Eyelash Extensions

Self employed for the two years, creating beautiful lash looks for ladies. I began my business in Los Angeles, Ca, where I became a Certified EyeLash Extension Artist. I have provided my services in Los Angles, San Diego and now the Bay Area. I enjoy giving life to others lashes. The look is so effortless. Please follow me on Instagram @LashedByBelle

Lash Tips & Information

1. When you come in for your first appointment, be sure to come in with a clean eye! No Mascara or other Makeup.

2. Take a shower that morning- only because you can't shower (due to no steam and water the first two days)

3. If you can wear your contacts for a nap, you can wear them while getting lashes done. If not- take them out! 

4. Avoid oil based products on or around your lashes. This includes eye makeup, eye creams, facial moisturizers, etc. Make those lashes last!! (I sell oil free products for your eyes & lashes)

5. The cleaner you keep your lashes, the longer they will last! Clean and brush them daily

6. Shampoo/cleanse your lashes before your ( full or fill) appointment. Clean lashes = more lash time

7. The average person has between 90-120 natural lashes per eye (upper lid) and each eye sheds approx. 2-5 lashes every day. The extension sheds with your natural lash cycle.

8. Clients should book a fill between 2-4 to maintain a full lash look.

Marya Belle